Body Treatments

Ultrasound fat cavitation  and radio frequency skin tightening 

1 x area £65 per session Course of 6 £325 **saving £65

2 x areas £110 per session course of 6 £550 **saving £110

3 x areas  £15 per session course of 6 £750 **saving £150


*max of 3 areas per session

We now offer this revolutionary non surgical non invasive slimming and skin tightening treatment. The treatment uses low frequency sound waves that penetrate more deeply. The frequency of the cavitation transducer causes the fat cells to rupture and become permeable allowing fatty acids and triglycerides to leak from the fat cells which then drain into the lymphatic system transported to the liver where they are metabolised. The radio frequency helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite and tightens the skin.

Its recommended to have 2 treatment's a week usually 6-12 session's are required then monthly top ups for four months

*****Please note*****

This is not a weight loss programme! This treatment is a very effective way to help aid weight loss and help remove stubborn fat deposits. Its recommended that you follow a healthy diet and exercise plan alongside these treatments.

Please be advised that this treatment is not suitable for people with certain health conditions or who are on certain medications. A consultation will be preformed before any treatments are carried out. If you have any questions please contact us here.

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