Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal for all skin and hair types using the latest technology called SHR (super hair removal). This method is pain free and uses 'in motion' methods.

**Please note a free consultation and patch test must be carried out at least 48 hours prior to your first session.

What Is SHR?

SHR stands for Super Hair removal and it is the most up to date form of laser hair removal technology available today.


How is SHR different form IPL or other lasers?

IPL works best on dark hair. The light emitted from the laser is transformed into heat by the melanin (pigment of hair) in the hair. This form of laser hair removal only works effectively on dark hair; fairer toned hair has been proven to not be very successful with the IPL method. The lightened pigment cannot convert the light (emitted from an IPL laser) into enough heat to cause sufficient damage to the hair follicle which would hinder its growth (the whole point of laser hair removal).

SHR technology does not require the same amount of energy to damage the hair as IPL does, therefore the treatment is pain free and the skin does not appear as red and sensitized after the treatment compared with the IPL method.

With SHR only 50% of the energy is absorbed by the hair pigment (melanin), the other 50% is absorbed by the stem cells within the hair follicle. The stem cells are the cells that are responsible for hair growth. The stem cells contain no pigment and so therefore the IPL does not damage these cells, that is what makes SHR more successful than IPL on all hair types and skin types.


How does it work?


SHR damages proteins in stem cells which are found within the hair follicle.

Instead of using single pulses of high energy (as IPL does) the SHR method uses multiple pulses which are released with a proportionally lower single pulse energy but collectively the energy is stronger than that of IPL but causes less epidermal damage.

The SHR method is described as the ‘in motion’ process because the probe is glided over the area being treated 6-10 times as opposed to the IPL method.


How many sessions will I need and why?


On average one will require between 6 to 10 sessions, depending on the pigment, strength of the hair and its growth cycle. The treatments are carried out at 4 weekly intervals as this is the time frame hair takes to regrow (hair growth cycle). Nearer to the end of the course of treatments hair regrowth may have slowed down substantially and intervals of 6-8 weeks may be needed.


Do you sell courses?


Of course! Buy 5 and get your 6th one for free. We also offer discounts if you choose to treat multiple areas such as bikini and underarm.


Does it hurt?


The most you will feel is warmth and a tingling sensation, some have described it as similar to a warm massage.

How long does a treatment take?

An upper lip can take a few minutes while a thigh can take up to half an hour.

What will my skin look like afterwards?

Your skin may appear a little red (erythema) with some mild raised follicles (follicular oedema)

Do I need a consultation?

Yes, during your consultation you will complete the necessary paper work, discuss the treatment and have a patch test performed.

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